Jeanine S.

I started coming here earlier this year after moving across town. Dr. Mike is great, he has helped me so much with my neck and back issues. I feel terrific after every appointment.

Jessica D.

Dr gerlach and staff are the best at what they do. I was skeptical at first but after several appointments and a lot of helpful information I was able to make the right decision for myself and get started. With that I lost the weight I needed to and continue on my journey. Thankyou Dr. Mike.

Bob S.

Dr. Gerlach and Gerlach Chiropractic has been my "go to" guy since 2001. The office is well run, friendly and professional. Dr. John is knowledgeable and skilled as a chiropractor as well as overall health specialist. I have learned many healthy practices over the years, as well as avoided back surgery! Thank you Dr. John!

Amy Y.

Dr Gerlach is amazing. I recommend him to everyone. He has helped me and several friends and family members with back pain. Such a nice man and his receptionist is so kind.


Gerlach is a Very good Doctor. I've been several times throughout the year for various troubles and he always takes great care of me. They are very flexible about scheduling as well.


I went to see the doctor for the first time since I went to the Orthopedic doctor and it was not working for me. Dr Gerlach tell me what is the problem and start right away giving me solution , I went to his office with a # 10 -pain in left foot due to an injured , that happened when I was running when I left his office it was #1 PAIN , incredible , I will definitely recommend this doctor plus the staff is very nice and happy , I am still seen him at this point but I feel much better. thank you doctor

Kandi J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gerlach for many years. My mother has been a patient for over 10 years also. I know my mother is extremely happy. I am so proud to be his patient. I have "complex and chronic" issues. Most will not even take my case on. But Dr. Gerlach treated me immediately; and without hesitation. Each treatment gets me better and better. It's not just about the pain or discomfort with Dr. Gerlach, its about good health! Thank you to Dr. Gerlach and the staff for taking the "best" care of me!

Nici T.

I came in with back pain that was impacting my ability to do my job. After 1-2 appointments I was able to get back to work without fear of pain. Good prices, Excellent treatment and wonderful staff.

Jessica B.

Great practice. Always leave feeling better than I arrived. Good staff. Clean office and waiting area.